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Raymond FogartyAirCam was founded in 2014 by Raymond Fogarty and is one of Ireland's leading professional drone companies. Based in Cork, AirCam provides aerial photography and and video to business and individuals across Ireland and around the world, while promoting the beauty of Ireland.

With a focus on high quality content and with dedication to excellence, we endeavour to demonstrate the power of drones that, together with an artistic eye, help to tell your story better than ever before. Check out the latest showreel.

In 2014, Raymond was the first drone pilot to film and photograph the entire west coast of Ireland, from Cork to Donegal. It was a highly successful project which helped bring the newly launched Wild Atlantic Way to a wider audience.

In 2016, Raymond was also the first in Ireland to be granted permission to film air-side at a major Irish airport. It demonstrated that with the correct procedures, permissions and methods, drones can be flown safely anywhere. Our involvement in a drone safety media campaign with the IAA and airport authorities in 2016 raised awareness on safe flying practices to protect manned aircraft and help ensure a safer integration of the drone industry into the aviation sector.

More recently, Raymond has worked on TV series such as The Young Offenders and in 2019, released a new book: From The Air - Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way.

AirCam Ireland is fully insured (€6.5m P.L.) and approved to operate in Ireland by the Irish Aviation Authority and in the UK by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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